Southeast Asia

The GFCE Southeast Asia Hub aims to strengthen regional cybersecurity capabilities, contribute to global cybersecurity efforts, and promote a safe and secure digital environment in Southeast Asia.

By promoting cooperation, knowledge exchange, and capacity building initiatives, the Hub aims to enhance cyber capabilities, raise awareness, and develop sustainable solutions to address the challenges faced by Southeast Asian countries.

The GFCE Southeast Asia Hub office is based in Singapore, at the ASEAN-Singapore Cybersecurity Center of Excellence (ASCCE). Situated strategically in Southeast Asia, the office serves as a central hub for coordinating regional activities and engaging with stakeholders from governments, academia, industry, and civil society organizations.

The GFCE held its 2018 Annual Meeting in the margins of the SICW (Singapore International Cyber Week). In Partnership with the CSA (Cyber Security Agency Singapore), the GFCE holds its annual Southeast Asia Regional Meeting within the SICW program.

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