GFCE and CPED Collaborate on Cybersecurity and AI Forum

On April 17, 2024, Global Forum on Cyber Expertise (GFCE) and the Center for Policy and Executive Development (CPED) successfully hosted the “Securing the Future: Forum on Cybersecurity and Artificial Intelligence” at UP Diliman’s National College of Public Administration and Governance (NCPAG). The event aimed to boost strategic partnerships and improve policy frameworks for cybersecurity and AI across various sectors.

In a collaborative initiative aimed at enhancing cybersecurity and AI policy frameworks, the Global Forum on Cyber Expertise (GFCE), Southeast Asia Hub, partnered with the Center for Policy and Executive Development (CPED) at the National College for Public Administration, NCPAG, UP Diliman. This partnership facilitated the inter-agency forum, “Securing the Future: Forum on Cybersecurity and Artificial Intelligence,” emphasizing GFCE’s commitment to supporting global and regional cyber capacity building.

The forum highlighted GFCE’s dedication to fostering strategic partnerships across various sectors, including government, academia, and the private sector. It served as a vital platform for exchanging knowledge, where regional and global experts shared insights on emerging trends and legislative developments that affect cybersecurity and AI practices.

GFCE Southeast Asia Hub Director, Engr. Allan Cabanlong presented GFCE’s vision of maximizing ICT’s benefits for a secure, peaceful, and open digital world during the forum. He emphasized the significance of collaborative policymaking and regulation to enhance the protection of digital infrastructures and promote technological advancements worldwide.

Keynote and panel discussions at the forum featured notable figures such as UP Diliman Chancellor Atty. Edgardo Carlo L. Vistan II, who advocated for policies that adapt to rapid technological advances, aligning with GFCE’s objectives to influence environments that both regulate and promote innovation in cybersecurity and AI.

GFCE facilitated discussions that led to actionable insights and robust policy frameworks, sharing expertise on international standards and best practices with Philippine stakeholders. Insights from experts like Mr. Joey Rufo, CISO at Unionbank of the Philippines, and Engr. Ava T. Taniajura from BSI Philippines were instrumental in demonstrating the practical implications of cybersecurity strategies and the importance of international standards in building cyber resilience.

The event concluded with GFCE’s commitment to continue supporting and expanding such collaborative forums not only in the Philippines but across Southeast Asia. By aligning with regional research institutions and sharing key data with donors, GFCE aims to enhance its regional impact and credibility, contributing effectively to national and regional cyber resiliency.

GFCE will maintain its partnership with UPNCPAG-CPED and other stakeholders to influence the ongoing development of a comprehensive Cybersecurity Law and to participate in the ASEAN AI Framework discussions for the ASEAN Regional meeting hosted by the Philippines in 2026. These engagements are crucial for advancing GFCE’s mission to support secure, sustainable technological growth across the region.

Global Forum on Cyber Expertise partners with Center for Policy and Executive Development to conduct Cybersecurity and AI Forum.