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Publication Date: 31 January 2024

Activity Catalog for Cybersecurity Design

As part of the Work Plan of the Global Forum on Cyber Expertise (GFCE) Strategy & Assessments Task Force, under the leadership of Robert Collett (former TF co-Lead), Carolin Weisser Harris and Lea Kaspar and support from the US State Department, the Activity Catalog for Cybersecurity Design was developed into an interactive online tool in […]

Publication Date: 16 January 2024

Women in Cyber Capacity Building Network: Workplan

Background Over the last years, it became increasingly clear by the GFCE community that there was a strong need for the creation of a female network, where women professionals can reach out to each other and build a community of trust. Participants from past GFCE sessions highlighted the importance of women in the field of […]

Publication Date: 22 September 2023

Global Cyber Expertise Magazine – Issue 11 – September 2022

The Global Cyber Expertise Magazine is a joint initiative by the African Union, European Union, Global Forum on Cyber Expertise and Organization of American States. The Magazine aims to provide cyber policymakers and stakeholders insight on cyber capacity building projects, policies and developments globally. In this edition, our cover story takes a look at how […]

Publication Date: 1 March 2023

Introduction to Tabletop Exercises: a Practical Guidebook for Organizations

This publication seeks to provide guidance in designing, developing and evaluating how and when to conduct a tabletop exercise as a tool to improve an organization’s cyber security policymaking and operations capacities. The guide aims to offer a public-private cross organizational scope. Therefore, it is not written from a strictly business point of view, but […]

Publication Date: 21 October 2022

Cyber Incident Management (CIM) Cybil Portal Resources Guide

The Cyber Incident Management (CIM) Cybil Portal Resources Guide is an initiative of the GFCE Working Group B CIM Task Force. The objective of this guide is to provide an overview of all the resources that are available for the CIM community on the Cybil Portal as of October 2022. By doing this, we hope […]

Publication Date: 1 July 2022

Developing Cyber Security as a Profession

This report was drawn up by the GFCE’s Working Group D on Cyber Security Culture and Skills in order to better understand different perspectives on developing cyber security as a profession, including the possible barriers that exist, qualifications and accreditations, and the role of awareness campaigns and regulation. The results obtained from the survey circulated […]

Publication Date: 2 March 2022

Towards Identifying Critical National Infrastructures in the National Cybersecurity Strategy Process

This white paper builds upon existing CNI/CII work within the GFCE and proposes some practical considerations and measures for how countries can develop approaches for identifying CNI/CII as part of their NCS development and implementation processes. The paper addresses three foundational elements related to CNI/CII identification in the context of NCS development. A fourth section […]

Publication Date: 1 March 2022

A Short Guide to Stakeholder Engagement on National Cybersecurity Strategy Development

Stakeholder engagement is key to the success of any project and is often more of an art than a science. Initial stakeholder consultations and core consultation events are crucial for different aspects of the National Cybersecurity Strategy (NCS) development: from building relationships and trust and confidence in the process to training and capacity building of […]


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