GFCE members and partners can collaborate by putting forward initiatives focusing on global cyber capacity building. The purpose of the GFCE initiatives is to address cyber capacity building challenges by bringing together resources such as knowledge and expertise. Below you can see an overview of GFCE initiatives since 2015.

Assessing and developing cybersecurity capability

This initiative aims to enable decision makers in governments, international organisations and capacity-building bodies around the world to benchmark national cybersecurity capacity in a comprehensive manner in order to identify priorities for investments and capacity building. It is based on the Cybersecurity Capacity Maturity Model for Nations (CMM) which was developed by the Global Cyber Security Capacity […]

Coordinated Vulnerability Disclosure

CVD is a platform to GFCE members to share experiences and lessons learned in cyber security mechanisms for responsible disclosure or coordinated vulnerability disclosure policies and discussions on the broader topic of ethical hacking. Coordinated Vulnerability Disclosure (CVD) pertains to the mechanisms by which vulnerabilities are shared and disclosed in a controlled way. It provides […]

Critical Information Infrastructure Protection Initiative

The GFCE-Meridian initiative aims to support government policy makers with responsibility for Critical Information Infrastructure Protection (CIIP) to understand the implications and consequences of cybersecurity issues and to maintain an awareness of current developments. By working together in a global initiative, the initiators leverage their CIIP expertise for the benefit of a broader audience to […]

CSIRT Maturity Initiative

The objective of the Cyber Security CSIRT Maturity Initiative is to provide a platform to GFCE members to help emerging and existing CSIRTS to increase their maturity level. The expertise includes the following: Initiated by the Netherlands, ITU, OAS, Microsoft, FIRST and open for others to join. Deliverables Documents

Cyber Security Initiative in OAS member states

This initiative recognizes the importance of having a comprehensive approach to addressing cybersecurity issues and aims to support countries in developing an effective response to cyber threats through an integrated approach. The activity areas are amongst others: national cybersecurity strategy development; cybersecurity trainings and workshops; development of a OAS Hemispheric Network, known as; cybersecurity […]


Cyber Resilience for Development (Cyber4Dev) is an EU funded project of a duration of 42 months in a number of countries in Asia and Africa.  The project is delivered by NI-CO (Northern Ireland Cooperation Overseas) in partnership with government agencies from Estonia, the United Kingdom and the Netherlands. The objective of Cyber4Dev is to increase […]


The CyberGreen initiative is a global non-profit and collaborative organization conducting activities focused on helping to improve the health of the global Cyber Ecosystem. CyberGreen will achieve this by providing reliable metrics, measurements, and mitigation best practices to Cyber Security Incident Response Teams (CSIRTs), network operators, and policy makers. These efforts will facilitate operational cleanup […]

CyberSouth Project

The overall objective of the project is to contribute to the prevention of and control of cybercrime and other offences involving electronic evidence, in line with international human rights and rule of law standards and good practices. That objective may be achieved by strengthening legislation and institutional capacities on cybercrime and electronic evidence in the […]