Women in Cyber Capacity Building Network: Workplan

Publish Date: 16/01/2024


Over the last years, it became increasingly clear by the GFCE community that there was a strong need for the creation of a female network, where women professionals can reach out to each other and build a community of trust. Participants from past GFCE sessions highlighted the importance of women in the field of cyber to be able to openly share ideas, experiences and practices, share struggles and find solutions regarding the implementation of cyber capacity building projects and initiatives.


To facilitate and coordinate these needs, the GFCE Women in Cyber Capacity Building Network was launched during the GFCE Annual Meeting 2019 in Addis Ababa. The aim of this initiative is to create an informal network, bringing together women cybersecurity professionals to connect, share experiences and challenges, share their knowledge, collaborate, support and inspire others, network and advance their participation in cybersecurity and cyber capacity building. The GFCE Secretariat aims to enhance the following:

Added value of the GFCE Women in Cyber Capacity Building Network

Despite the growing demand for cybersecurity professionals, women still face a variety of challenges when it comes to inclusion into cyber capacity building efforts. The GFCE Women in CCB Network will build a strong, inclusive, and growing network of female professionals who can benefit from each other, raising awareness on capacity building issues and encouraging the inclusion and respect of women in the field. Some of the benefits for the GFCE Community are: