Introducing Cybil, the CCB Knowledge Portal

Announcement: GFCE Knowledge Partners and GFCE Secretariat launch a new cyber capacity knowledge portal at GFCE Annual Meeting 2019 in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia 9 October 2019.

Cybil is the new publicly-available knowledge portal which was launched and presented to the global cyber capacity building community at the GFCE Annual Meeting in Addis Ababa Ethiopia on 9 October 2019. Members of the international cyber capacity building (CCB) community can find and share expertise to support the design and delivery of programs and projects. Cybil also acts as a source for civil society and academia in line with the community’s commitment to transparency and inclusion.

Cybil’s aims:

  • Establishing a neutral, open and globally-owned multi-stakeholder platform that allows for the sharing of information on global CCB efforts
  • Being in line with the themes and topics in the Delhi Communiqué;
  • Meeting the needs of the GFCE community;
  • Supporting the mandate of GFCE Working Groups;
  • Ensuring accessibility through the Portal’s design and implementation;
  • Making use of existing resources and information that is already available in order to avoid duplication of efforts;
  • Enabling a more effective use of cyber capacity building (CCB) resources among GFCE community;
  • Facilitating greater harmonisation of various CCB initiatives and capacity-building approaches.

Cybil’s offerings:

  • A repository of past and present international cyber capacity building projects;
  • A collection of resources to help design and deliver international cyber capacity building projects;
  • Lessons learnt, outcomes and research for and about international cyber capacity building;
  • Profiles of governments, companies, organisations and other actors involved in international CCB.

Cybil is developed and managed by the Portal Advisory Group, consisting of the GFCE Knowledge Partners including the Australian Strategic Policy Institute (ASPI), DiploFoundation, FIRST, the Global Cyber Security Capacity Centre (GCSCC), and the Norwegian Institute of International Affairs (NUPI). Sponsoring for Cybil comes from the GFCE.

Visit www.cybilportal.org