Our impact

Over the last 8 years, the GFCE has grown to become a global multi-stakeholder platform, increasing awareness and transparency on global cyber capacity building activities and promoting good practices that foster better coordination, collaboration, and partnerships. 

Our impact in numbers


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The global multistakeholder community is at the heart of the GFCE and comprises government, international organizations, non-governmental organizations, civil society, private companies, the technical community and academia. The GFCE Secretariat and Regional Hubs facilitate engagement to ensure the needs of the community are being met through regular global and regional events and through a continuous dialogue with our members and partners. 

As a community-driven platform, the GFCE’s impact is closely tied to the successes and achievements of its members and partners, as they benefit from their participation in the GFCE’s global ecosystem. Over 85% of the community is actively involved in at least one GFCE working group, improving knowledge sharing and coordination of global CCB initiatives.  Also, 4 regional hubs have been established, empowering regional perspectives and local stakeholders within the global CCB ecosystem.

Strategic Direction 

Our mission is to ensure that the GFCE is the leading coordination platform for CCB stakeholders and activities on a global and regional. Central to the GFCE’s efforts in improving coordination will be reinforcing a demand-driven approach through expansion with regional (locally based) liaisons and offices.

To achieve this, the GFCE will focus the next two years on:  

  1. Global Cooperation: Expand the GFCE network, focusing on inclusivity
  2. Regional Coordination: Develop regional coordination to bridge the national and global level
  3. Local collaboration: Empower local stakeholders by connecting to the GFCE ecosystem

To achieve this, there are five main priorities:

  1. Foster inclusivity in the GFCE network
  2. Empower the GFCE Regional Hubs in Africa, Latin America, Caribbean, Pacific and South-East Asia
  3. Establish a global CCB agenda
  4. Scale up information sharing within the CCB ecosystem
  5. Spearhead and coordinate efforts to mainstream gender in CCB
Block Quote Speech

The Women in International Security and Cyberspace (WiC) Fellowship offered me the opportunity to meet and discuss with experts in the field of cyber security.  I am gratified to underline the importance of the programme, supported by the GFCE Secretariat and the role of the sponsoring countries in advancing gender parity, thus enabling a greater participation by women in UN cyber negotiations, their robust contribution and unique perspectives to the debates held within the UN OEWG process

Corina Moroi, Women in Cyber Fellow 2023 from the Republic of Moldova

We will continue to embrace innovation, share knowledge, and build on each other’s experiences and ideas. To make this possible, we need to work together and offer mutual support – across cultures, borders, and stakeholder groups. 

The GFCE Secretariat invites your insights, collaboration, and ongoing support as we move forward together.