CLOSED – Call for membership GFCE Advisory Board

News item | 25-02-2016

The Global Forum on Cyber Expertise (GFCE) calls upon civil society, academics and the technical community to apply for membership of the GFCE Advisory Board. The GFCE is looking for Advisory Board members to join its efforts in promoting a free, open and secure cyberspace. The deadline for application was on 11 March 2016. THE CALL HAS NOW BEEN CLOSED.

Multistakeholder approach

The GFCE was launched by States, private sector and intergovernmental organisations during the Global Conference on CyberSpace 2015 in The Hague to promote cooperation and knowledge sharing in global cyber capacity building. The GFCE seeks to strengthen new and ongoing cyber capacity building efforts in the following areas: cyber security, cyber-crime, e-governance and data protection. From its establishment a multistakeholder approach was emphasized. Cyber experts from civil society, academics, and the technical community can already become partner to GFCE initiatives. To further promote a greater stakeholder-driven approach to cyber capacity building the GFCE members decided during the GFCE Kickoff meeting in November 2015 to establish an Advisory Board.

A voice in global capacity building

The role and mandate of the Advisory Board are laid down in the ‘Terms of Reference GFCE Advisory Board’. The main role of the Advisory Board is to provide advice on the overall strategic direction of the GFCE and be part of the GFCEs future success. The Advisory Board can also provide substantive input and recommendations to capacity building initiatives, for example by encouraging and exploring avenues for multistakeholder engagement, and will have networking and exposure opportunities. The Advisory Board advises the GFCE upon request and on its own initiative

Selection procedure

Deadline for the applications was Friday 11 March COB. THE CALL HAS NOW BEEN CLOSED.

Applicants can be representatives in their individual capacity or from organizations. A selection will be made based on the quality of the submission; availability; relevance of expertise and experience; geographic and gender balance, and striving for diversity of perspectives. Members will serve on the Advisory Board for a period of two years, with the possibility of renewal for a second two-year term.

The Advisory Board will be officially installed at the next GFCE Annual Meeting, tentatively scheduled for beginning of June 2016. Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions.