GFCE Triple-I Guwahati Meeting

September 28 2023 - | Guwahati, India

On Thursday 28th September 2023 the 4th GFCE Triple-I workshop in India was held at the Indian Institute of Technology in Guwahati (IIT-G) in conjunction with InSIG 2023. 

The GFCE Triple-I initiative facilitates awareness raising and capacity building events in different regions of the world in order to enhance justified trust in the use of Internet and/or email in those regions through multistakeholder cooperation. 

This workshop was fully devoted to supporting the Digital India Action plan, and aimed to bring together local stakeholders with local, national and global experts to explore together what steps to take to enhance justified trust in the use of the Internet and/or email in the region.

Download here the presentations from the workshop.

Meeting Report