Establish a Clearinghouse for Gathering Systemic Risk Conditions Data in Global Networks

Publish Date: 1 October 2017

Internet networks are replete with systemic vulnerabilities. CERTs and other trusted  operators require reliable information about their network’s health over time. Various organisations have set up systems to scan networks for vulnerabilities and/or monitor cyber-attacks. Many of these sources are open, but their provenance and collection processes are often opaque. To acquire a truly satisfactory picture of the Internet’s behaviour, a clearinghouse is needed that does not simply collect data, but leverages its collections to improve the process.

The clearinghouse collects raw data from multiple sources and processes it, in order to feed into Internet health metrics. Data is collected from carefully selected comprehensive data sources, and processed to ensure it is accurate and extensive, and its biases understood and addressed. It can then be analysed and contextualised to produce reliable metrics about how healthy the Internet is.

Source – GFCE w