International Law of Cyber Operations Executive Course and CLI Alumni Course


Global Affairs Canada


7-14 June 2023

Project objectives

The Executive course seeks to improve state capacity to effectively engage with the international community to develop the normative architecture governing cyberspace and state behavior, in particular public international law. The alumni course seeks to build the capacity of, and networks between, policy makers, legal experts and legislators who have previously undertaken CLI courses. The project will also be actively supported by the Commission of the African Union.


In order to foster international peace and security, this project will work with state officials operating on the multinational level to better understand the international law implications of cyber activities and the complex nuances thereof. It will also work to foster better engagement from states in the continued development of a common understanding on how international law regulates states’ activities in cyberspace, protects human rights online, and prevents, and enables them to mitigate cyber threats.

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