GFCE-Australian support for enhancing cyber capacity building and regional coordination of efforts in the Pacific region


Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Commonwealth of Australia


10 June 2022-31 March 2024 (extended)

Project objectives

The project aims to further enhance the profile and engagement of Australia and the Pacific community in the upcoming Global Conference on Cyber Capacity Building (GC3B).


Support for CCB stakeholders from the Pacific region to attend the GC3B. There, the participants, supported by the GFCE Secretariat and the GFCE Pacific Hub staff can advocate for their national/regional perspectives and positions, advocate for a reflection of the Pacific experience in the Global Agenda, network, build confidence and incept joint efforts with their global peers, as well as discuss how greater ownership of CCB means and resources in the Pacific region, e.g. through the GFCE Pacific Hub, intended to be formally launched at the GC3B.  

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