Klara Stankova Advisor

Ms. Klara Stankova joined the GFCE Secretariat in September 2022. She assists with planning and coordination of various GFCE projects, programs and activities to successfully execute meetings and conferences related to cybersecurity and cyber capacity building.

Ms. Stankova now supports the GFCE Secretariat with GFCE’s efforts to mainstream gender in cyber capacity building. She helps to facilitate the Women in International Security and Cyberspace Fellowship (WiC), a joint initiative by the Governments of Australia, Canada, the Netherlands, New Zealand, the UK, and the US, which promotes effective participation of women diplomats and policy makers in the UN cyber negotiations. Furthermore, she assists with the coordination of the Women in Cyber Capacity Building (WiCCB) Network, which aims to build a strong, inclusive, and growing network of female professionals who can benefit from each other, raising awareness on capacity building issues and encouraging the inclusion and respect of women in the field.

Ms. Stankova holds a master’s degree in International Relations – Global Order in Historical Perspective from Leiden University. 

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