Secretariat launches GFCE website

News item | 18-09-2015

On 18 September the recently operational Secretariat launched the GFCE website. Via this website GFCE members can share the status and results of their initiatives. Current and prospective members and partners can find the latest information about the GFCE organisation, agenda and documents.

David van Duren, Head of GFCE Secretariat

Reaching out to GFCE members

David van Duren, Head of the GFCE secretariat, calls the launch of the website the first of a series of reach out efforts by the secretariat to GFCE members: “in anticipation of the GFCE International Kick-Off meeting on 2 and 3 November, GFCE members can expect to hear much more of us”. The GFCE secretariat is only fully operational since 1 September. In the startup phase during the summer secretariat staff has been recruited, a logo was developed and an office space was rented. The focus is now on the international stage: building a strong global network of members and partners and providing them with the platform and tools to exchange cyber expertise.

The logo stands for transparency, global impact and multistakeholder network.

Keeping international momentum It is crucial to keep the international momentum going, after the GFCE was launched during the GCCS2015 in April 2015. David: “The potential of a global forum to exchange best practices and expertise about cyber capacity building is widely shared internationally. Our key challenge this first year is to channel this enthusiasm to concrete and practical results”. The current 48 members are already working on 10 practical initiatives, which can be shared and multiplied globally once completed.