Reflecting on GFCE Events in 2020 and Looking Forward to the GFCE Consultation Meeting 2021

The GFCE hosts regular events to facilitate the strengthening of cyber capacity building (CCB) through connecting needs, resources and expertise, and making practical knowledge available to the global community. Global meetings enable the community to come together to discuss the current developments in CCB, receive updates on GFCE developments and be consulted on the GFCE way forward. The GFCE Secretariat hosts two global events annually, organizes regular regional meetings and several consultation sessions throughout the year. 

Looking Back at GFCE Events in 2020 

In 2020, due to the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, GFCE meetings moved online. Thus, in 2020 the GFCE held two virtual global events: the GFCE V-Meeting Series from April to June and the GFCE Annual V-Meeting in November.  

The GFCE V-Meeting Series in April to June focused on celebrating the GFCE’s achievements up until 2020 and engaged the GFCE community on the best ways forward. We asked for the community’s input to determine the best path for the GFCE to continue to grow and mature. The report of sessions can be found here 

The GFCE Annual V-Meeting in November centred around the GFCE Strategic Building Blocks, showcasing GFCE deliverables with a focus on the GFCE Tools: Cybil Knowledge Portal, Research Agenda and Clearing House. The next steps for 2021 were also discussed, forming a basis for the GFCE’s strategic goals to enhance cyber capacity building in 2021. The GFCE Annual V Meeting Report, including an overview of the GFCE Deliverables 2020, a short summary of the sessions during the Annual V-Meeting together with outcomes and next steps for 2021, can be found here 

Looking Forward to the GFCE Consultation Meeting 2021 

To build on the success and engagement of the GFCE virtual events in 2020, the GFCE is hosting a virtual Consultation Meeting 2021 in June. This event provides a platform for GFCE members and partners to present updates on their projects and deliverables to the rest of the community. The Consultation Meeting will centre around the GFCE strategic way forward, including the development of the GFCE ecosystem, and GFCE regional engagement in the Pacific, Africa, Europe and Latin America and Caribbean. Over 200 representatives from governments, NGOs, international organizations, academic and tech communities and civil society are expected to participate in the two-day virtual meeting. We are excited to see such strong engagement from the community, as due to our multi-stakeholder approach, the GFCE’s success is based on having a multiplicity of viewpoints and strong participation.