GFCE’s increasing efforts in the Africa region: welcoming our new colleagues at the GFCE Secretariat

Following the success of the GFCE Annual Meeting 2019 in Addis Ababa and the need identified within the GFCE Community, the GFCE will be increasing its efforts in the Africa region. Given this, the GFCE has devised a two-tier approach: 1) bringing together the GFCE community and coordinating cyber capacity efforts in the African region, and 2) through the AU-GFCE Collaboration project. The AU-GFCE Collaboration project aims to develop cyber capacity building knowledge (CCB) that will enable African countries to better understand cyber capacities and identify and address their national cyber capacity needs. Moctar Yedaly, Martin Koyabe, and Bernard Brian-Cudjoe have joined the GFCE Secretariat to ensure effective collaboration among key actors and stakeholders in Africa and the GFCE Community. The GFCE Secretariat is looking forward to work together with our new colleagues to strengthen regional collaboration on CCB!

Moctar Yedaly, GFCE Africa Program Director

“It is of my strong belief that one of the Sine Qua None conditions for Africa to meet its development objectives is to tape on the benefit provided by the ICTs. This demands for safe and secure cyberspace. Cybersecurity being a cross cutting sector of the AU Digital Transformation Strategy 2020 – 2030, its promotion in the continent is of most vital importance. The GFCE is a non-partisan institution aiming at building capacities in the Cybersecurity domain which meets my passion and believes for the continent. I am proud to be given the opportunity to contribute to strengthening  the GFCE focus on Africa.”

Martin Koyabe, Senior Project Manager AU-GFCE Collaboration Project

“As the world continues to mitigate the challenges and effects caused by COVID-19 pandemic, many countries in Africa are prioritising their resources towards deploying secure digital infrastructures to ensure reliable digital access by the citizens. The GFCE is therefore uniquely positioned, working with the African Union Commission (AUC), to urgently assist these countries build both capacity and capability in Cybersecurity.  Its therefore my motivation to join GFCE team and lead the GFCE-AUC collaboration project, which aims to develop cyber capacity building knowledge to enable African countries to enhance their cyber capacities and capabilities; and support them in strengthening their cyber resilience.”

Bernard Brian-Cudjoe, GFCE-AUC Liaison

“There are evident gaps in terms of cybersecurity awareness, knowledge, and skills among Africa countries that prevent them from deploying and adopting the right strategies, capabilities, and programs to mitigate cyber threats. According to Quartz, in 2017, cybercrime cost African countries $3.5 billion and as the Digital Transformation Strategy has been adopted by the African Union Member States, cybersecurity should be an integral and indivisible part of the strategy to yield the desired socio-economic benefits. Africa must secure its cyberspace by building the capacities of its citizens and relevant stakeholders especially those that influence policies on technology to provide the needed guidance, recommendations, and strategy to mitigate fraud and crime. For this singular reason of Africa’s digital transformation agenda, I am very happy and privileged to be part of this project to help African countries build their cyber capacities, strengthen their cyber resilience and identify the gaps and national cyber capacities needs to adopt the right strategy.”