Editorial – GFCE

News item | 20-06-2016

“New Magazine offers cyber policymakers and stakeholders a forum to exchange experiences and stay up-to-date on latest developments”

Welcome to this first issue of the Global Cyber Expertise Magazine!

In the fast evolving field of cyber policies and capacity building this new Magazine offers policymakers and stakeholders a forum to exchange experiences and to stay up-to-date on latest developments. By utilizing the network and resources of some of the largest regional and global players the Magazine provides a unique inside perspective.

This first issue gives an overview of the current state of play around the world. Our cover story on Africa shows both the enormous economic potential of cyber and the risks cyber threats pose to this  growth agenda. A similar message comes back in the articles about Latin America and the Caribbean with a call to action for states to invest in cybersecurity strategies and structures. The articles about Europe provide an overview of the latest EU policy instruments in cyber capacity building and international cyber policies. In his contribution a Malaysian Cybersecurity Official calls for a more regional approach to cyber capacity building in Asia. This first issue also demonstrates some inspiring experiences in cyber capacity building: workshops in Africa, best practices on Responsible Disclosure  and an interview with the director of the new Cybergreen initiative.

While you are reading this issue, we are already working on the next. We are very interested in your contributions! We are especially interested in experiences in cyber capacity building which might be useful to other global players and analysis of new policy initiatives (new legislation or strategies). Let us also know about your upcoming events (conferences, workshops, trainings) for a global audience which we can include in our future global agenda.

On behalf of the Editorial Board
Anne Blanksma Çeta