Women in Cyber Security Middle East (WiCSME)

GFCE Member Since: May 22, 2024

The Women in Cyber Security Middle East (WiCSME) was founded in 2018 by nine women from the Middle East region and has now grown to almost 3000 members from 23 countries. 

The ‘Women in Cyber Security Middle East’ group was formed to promote and increase women participation in the field of cyber security. It is a voluntary group and has a vision to build a strong, dependable, and increasing network of passionate female cyber security professionals in the Middle East and African countries.

WiCSME aims to achieve this by:

  • Connecting and supporting women
  • Educating and mentoring women
  • Creating men and women role models/mentors
  • Celebrating our members’ success
  • Ensuring women have a safe and supportive environment
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