Partner Description: Quad9 is a recursive DNS resolver operating across the globe, with locations in almost 100 countries. Being a not for profit foundation, Quad9 offers its services for free to all users around the world. Quad9 is particularly recognized for its high level of security protecting its users with a real time block list of malicious domains acquired from 20+ threat intelligence providers. Additional to a high performance Quad9 guarantees 100% privacy for its users as it does not collect, store or sell personal data. Quad9 has many tens of millions of users across the globe, private, corporate as well as from the governmental and non-governmental world. In the developing world Quad9 contributes to bridging the digital divide, to defending human rights online, to protection of end users from cybercrime and other harms, and to implementation of Sustainable Development Goals.

GFCE Member Since: 25-8-2022

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