Protection Group International (PGI)

Partner Description: PGI specialises in managing digital risks. We support clients building digital resilience by helping them transform their own capability or leveraging ours to meet their goals. The services we offer cover the breadth of the digital threats that nations and organisations should consider when developing risk mitigation strategies, from disinformation to ransomware including:

  • Capacity building: Crafting solutions to enable governments and organisations to build their own cyber and open source intelligence capability.
  • Digital security: Providing services to implement, or support the implementation of, digital security controls and incident response.
  • Digital investigations: Providing services to identify, mitigate, and effectively respond to malign content on social media. PGI’s portfolio of work includes national programmes as well as national projects of varied scope and size, spanning Latin America, Caribbean, Africa, Europe, Asia, the Pacific and North America. PGI is interested in working with nations and partners on CCB projects including:
  • Supporting the development and implementation of strategy
  • Supporting the development of information operation mitigation capability
  • Creating national awareness and building a cyber security culture
  • Skills development
  • Cyber security standards and technical considerations
  • Building Incident Response capability

GFCE Member Since: 19 December 2021

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