NRD Cyber Security

Member Description: NRD Cyber Security is a cybersecurity technology consulting, incident response and applied research company. The company is an active member of FIRST, Trusted Introducer, ITU, GFCE and ECSO organizations and implementation partner of the University of Oxford in deploying cybersecurity maturity model for nations. With their projects and initiatives, NRD Cyber Security aims to identify and apply the best cybersecurity practices and frameworks to enhance global cybersecurity capacity.NRD Cyber Security has been selected as the ITU Centre of Excellence for 2019-22 cycle to strengthen cybersecurity capabilities of ICT professionals and policy makers in various regions around the world.The geography of company’s operations covers, but is not limited to, Europe, Asia, South America and Africa while its customer list includes governments, CII sectors (such as finance and energy) as well as private and public organizations.

Focus on Specific Topics:

  • National cybersecurity maturity assessment, cybersecurity strategy and legislative framework development;
  • Establishing or modernising CSIRT/SOCs and running their maturity assessments;
  • Sensor technology at critical infrastructures for national or sectorial CSIRT/SOCs.

GFCE Member Since: 16 April 2015

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