Partner Description: INsig2 is specialized in digital forensics solutions and services. We provide a wide range of services, from consulting and education to equipping laboratories, always keeping up with the latest technologies. Consulting services, in the field of digital forensics, offered by INsig2 are very efficient and personalized type of assistance to customers whenever and wherever they need it the most. We advise, support and conduct investigations for public sector (military, government, police, special task forces) and private sector (corporations and small businesses). Clients often use our consulting services in complex investigations when they deal with complex problems or when they need help with advanced forensic tools. However, consulting services do not stop here. They also include assistance in construction of laboratories, training and certification of experts and investigative procedures simulation. INsig2 also, provides consulting services and close cooperation to judges, prosecutors and lawyers in presenting digital evidence in a legal system. Since 2008, INsig2 has its own educational center with high quality capacity conduct a variety of high quality digital forensic trainings. Our education program includes principles and methodology of digital forensics, a legal perspective of working with digital evidences as well as the use of hardware and software forensic tools manufactured by the world’s leading vendors. As an Authorized Training Partner for a world’s leading forensic vendors, we are providing trainings with official vendor certifications. INsig2 offers a number of general training programs which are not related to specific products; basics of digital forensics, network forensics, Windows operating systems forensics, Linux and Mac forensics, forensics of mobile devices, python scripting, malware analysis and advanced digital forensics procedures. Also, INsig2 offers a wide range of management and skill-based courses tailored to meet the client’s needs. Course syllabus can also be tailored to meet client’s specifications and always include extensive hands on practical and professional certification, with CPE points. INsig2 will work closely with the client to adjust content and duration of the course according to their specific requirements.INsig2 has extensive experience in designing, equipping and setting up digital forensics laboratories for different government agencies and the police. In the line with the client’s budget and requirements, INsig2 will deliver and set up all the equipment and software, prepare the project and technical documentation and prepare instructions on equipment usage and maintenance.

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