EIPSM (European Institute for Political Studies in Moldova)

Partner Description: The European Institute for Political Studies in Moldova (EIPSM) was launched by the Council of Europe in December 2003. The EISPM mainly focuses on the organization of interactive seminars and conferences in Moldova, organized in cycles. The Institute’s organisational structure is derived from the institution’s main goals and plans of activity, namely its contribution to the establishment of a new political culture and the activities it undertakes to achieve it. The EIPSPM aims to encourage the training of a new generation of political and opinion leaders, as well as civil society activists capable of promoting democratic ideas and reforms, thus bringing the Moldovan society closer to its goal of attaining European democratic values and principles. Overview of the CCB project: -Cyber confident building -Cyber protection Conferences: -Women in cyber: Awareness Raising -Awareness Campaign on Cybersecurity

GFCE Member Since: 25-08-2022

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