Partner Description: Funded by the European Commission and working in close cooperation with Europol-EC3 and CEPOL, both members of the advisory group, our activities aims to:

  • Support international activities to harmonise cybercrime training across international borders.
  • Share knowledge, expertise and find training solutions.
  • Promote standardisation of methods and procedures for training programmes and cooperation with other international organisations.
  • Collaborate with academic partners to establish recognised academic qualification in the field of cybercrime and work with universities that have already created such awards making them available across international borders.
  • Collaborate with industry partners to establish frameworks whereby their existing and future efforts to support law enforcement by the delivery of training, harmonised into an effective programme that makes best use of available resources.
  • Provide training and education material and reference trainers to international partners, supporting their efforts to train law enforcement on cybercrime issues globally.

GFCE Member Since: 15 August 2018

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