DEFENSY, founded in 2020, is a Tunisian cybersecurity firm dedicated to protecting clients’ digital assets. Partnering with leaders across industries, they offer Offensive Security, GRC, SOC and CSIRT services.

Defensylab’s focus is on Cyber Capacity Building (CCB), empowering individuals and organizations to enhance their cyber resilience. Through collaborative initiatives, they provide the knowledge and resources needed to mitigate cyber threats effectively.

Defensylab’s CCB projects include:

  1. Training and Workshops: Tailored programs covering cybersecurity essentials.
    • In June 2023, Defensylab co-organized “RAISE YOUR GUARDS!” to raise awareness of cybersecurity risks.
  2. Policy Development: Assisting in crafting robust cybersecurity policies aligned with international standards.
  3. Capacity Building Programs: Strengthening cyber resilience through partnerships with universities and associations.
    • In December 2023, Defensylab co-organized I-PROTECT V6, providing workshops on cyber resilience.
  4. Research and Innovation: Investing in projects like IGIDER and CXSOAR to address emerging cyber threats.
  5. Master Cyber Security and Operation M2: Collaboration with the University of Sfax and the Faculty of Science of Sfax on a co-constructed M2 Professional Master’s program in Cyber Security and Smart Industry.

Through their dedication to Cyber Capacity Building, Defensylab aims to create a secure digital world.

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