Civilian Research and Development Foundation (CRDF) Global

Partner Description: CRDF Global is an independent nonprofit organization founded in Arlington, Virginia (USA), in 1995. The organization was formed in response to the collapse of the Soviet Union and the threat of large-scale proliferation of weapons technology from the region. CRDF Global is dedicated to promoting safety, security, and sustainability through science and innovation. Over the past 28-years, our focuses, capacities, and capabilities have grown to incorporate cybersecurity as part of our repertoire. We have since, implemented hundreds of cybersecurity capacity building events while engaging hundreds of institutional partners, and over 12,000 participants. Through our global hubs in Kyiv, Amman, and Manila CRDF Global builds and manages comprehensive and sustainable cybersecurity programs that strengthen critical infrastructure, improve private and public sector cyber workforces, and build resilient cybersecurity institutions.

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