Africa Cybersecurity Resource Centre (ACRC)

Partner Description: Africa Cybersecurity & Digital Rights Organisation (ACDRO) is a Non-Governmental Organisation pioneering the rights to access, privacy, security, freedom of expression, and policy-oriented research within the digital environment in Africa and beyond.ACDRO is committed to promoting Cybersecurity Strategy & Policy Development, Cybersecurity Awareness Training, Cyber Capacity Building, CSIRT Establishment, Critical Information Infrastructure Protection, and Data Protection within Africa and other developing countries. ACDRO assists African governments in developing a comprehensive cybersecurity policy and strategy through a Multistakeholder/Multidisciplinary process.ACDRO has been at the forefront of many Digital Rights efforts, Internet Governance, Internet Freedom and Network Shutdown advocacy in Africa and other developing countries. ACDRO seeks to provide Rapid Incident Response Support to at-risk Human Rights Defenders, and CSOs facing security intrusions and breaches.

GFCE Member Since: 17 December 2021

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