GFCE V-Meeting: Meet & Greet with the GFCE Foundation Board

Today, the GFCE held its first session of the GFCE V-Meeting – the Meet and Greet with the GFCE Foundation Board. The GFCE V-Meeting (with “V” signifying the roman numeral 5 as well as Virtual) is being held in place of the cancelled GFCE 5th Anniversary Meeting, which was originally scheduled for 14 – 16 April in the Hague.

During the Meet & Greet with the Foundation Board, the GFCE community was able to ask questions to the three Board members: Chris PainterInge Bryan and Olaf Kolkman. The Foundation Board is seeking input from the GFCE community on the strategic direction for the GFCE. The new Board was keen to hear what the Members and Partners’ ambitions are for the platform. Around 60 GFCE Members and Partners participated in the session. The Meet & Greet was the first interactive session to get feedback, more sessions will follow in different formats in the coming weeks.

The objective of the V-Meeting program, which runs for seven weeks from 15 April – 1 June, is to celebrate our achievements thus far and to engage the GFCE community on the way forward. Now that the GFCE Foundation has been established and the GFCE has reached its 5th anniversary, the GFCE is at an inflection point. We therefore seek the Community’s input during these 7 weeks as we brainstorm ways to strengthen the GFCE ecosystem and ensure sustainable growth.