GFCE Triple-I Kolkata Meeting

November 14 2019 - | Kolkata, India

On Thursday 14 November, 2019, INSIG hosted the GFCE Triple-I Day for the second time in India. This workshop was initiated by the Global Forum for Cyber Expertise (GFCE), was hosted by Indian School for Internet Governance (INSIG) , and was supported by APNIC, ICANN, Internet Society (ISOC) and its Indian chapters West-Bengali Chapter, and the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate. Aim of the workshop was to look for ways forward towards Capacity Building for a more trusted Internet experience in the region. Participants in this workshop included global and regional experts, and regional Internet stakeholder groups, including the government, business and technical community, who all contributed in finding solutions to strengthen an open end-to-end Internet.

Download here the presentations from the workshop.

Meeting Report