GFCE Triple-I Accra Meeting

November 28 2023 - | Accra, Ghana

On Tuesday 28 November 2023, during the GFCE Annual Meeting prior to the GC3B Global Conference on Cyber Capacity Building,  the 3rd African GFCE Triple-I workshop took place.  This workshop was supported by GFCE, ICANN, Internet Society, EasyDMARC, Global Cyber Alliance, and IS3 Coalition. The aim of the workshop was to look for ways forward towards more trusted use of Internet and email in regions throughout Africa, building on the results of the previous workshop in Kampala, Uganda, hosted by AIS (2019). Participants in this workshop included global and regional experts, and regional Internet stakeholder groups, including government, business and technical community representatives, who all contributed in finding solutions to strengthen an open end-to-end Internet.

Download here the presentations from the workshop.

Meeting Report