AUC-GFCE Collaboration: “Enabling African countries to identify and address their cyber capacity needs”

News Item | 8 March 2021 The Global Forum on Cyber Expertise is happy to announce its collaboration with the African Union Commission (AUC) on “Enabling African countries to identify and address their cyber capacity needs” through a two-year project.  Introduction Digital financial services can reach excluded and underserved populations quickly and efficiently, making it a vital strategic […]

The GFCE looks to the Pacific!

News Article | 27 October 2020 The GFCE has appointed Cherie Lagakali as the GFCE’s first Pacific Liaison. This role and appointment follows the GFCE’s first Pacific Regional Meeting, held in Melbourne in February 2020 and in the margins of the OCSC-GCSCC 2020 Global Cybersecurity Capacity Building Conference. The GFCE Pacific Regional Meeting provided an […]

The newly appointed GFCE Working Groups Chairs 2020 – 2022

News Article | 19 October 2020 We are excited to announce the composition of the new GFCE Working Groups Chairs 2020 -2022! The Working Groups Chairs are: Ian Wallace, WG A – Cyber Security Policy & Strategy Abdul-Hakeem Ajijola, WG B – Cyber Incident Management & Critical Infrastructure Protection Joyce Hakmeh, WG C – Cybercrime […]

GFCE Job Application: GFCE Working Group Coordinator

News Item | 10 July 2020 *This vacancy is now closed* The Global Forum on Cyber Expertise (GFCE) Secretariat is seeking an organized, efficient, and communicative GFCE Working Group Coordinator to join the GFCE Secretariat’s team in its main office in The Hague, the Netherlands, starting 16 August 2020. Background Established in 2015, the GFCE […]

GFCE Research Committee: Open Call for Applications

The Global Forum on Cyber Expertise (GFCE) is calling for applications to the new GFCE Research Committee! The deadline for applications is Friday, 10 July 2020. BackgroundThe GFCE community has voiced the need for the GFCE to realize a research mechanism to address knowledge gaps and contribute new, practical knowledge on cyber capacity building. The […]

Report on the “Cyber Security Awareness Campaigns” Session

Report | GFCE V-Meeting “Cyber Security Awareness Campaigns” | 26 May 2020 This session aimed to exchange experiences and expertise on cyber security awareness by having GFCE Members and Partners showcase and discuss different awareness campaign projects, materials and toolkits. The speaker representatives from APWG, OAS, Microsoft (Cybersecurity Tech Accord), APNIC, Get Safe Online and […]

Report on the “CCB Clearing House Mechanism and Lessons Learnt” Session

Report | GFCE V-Meeting “CCB Clearing House Mechanism and Lessons Learnt” | 28 May 2020 The GFCE Clearing House aims to facilitate matchmaking between GFCE Members and Partners who have cyber capacity needs with those that can offer cyber capacity support. The aim of the session was to refine the draft clearing house mechanism so […]

Report on the “Cyber Capacity Building Research Agenda” Consultation Session

Report | GFCE V-Meeting “Cyber Capacity Building Research Agenda” | 6 May 2020 The GFCE Cyber Capacity Building (CCB) Research Agenda is a new mechanism being developed in 2020 to identify and fill knowledge gaps, in line with the GFCE’s efforts to enhance coordination and maximize effectiveness of cyber capacity building efforts globally. The aim […]

Report on the “Capacity Building and UN Processes” Session

Report | GFCE V-Meeting “Capacity Building and UN Processes” | 5 May 2020 The GFCE V-Meeting session on Capacity Building and UN Processes was organized under the GFCE Task Force on CBMs, Norms Implementation and Cyber Diplomacy (part of Working Group A on Strategy and Policy). The aim of the session was to provide an […]