Working Group D: Cyber Security Culture and Skills

About Working Group D

The theme Cyber Security Culture and Skills has been endorsed by the GFCE community in the Delhi Communiqué as one of the five prioritized themes for cyber capacity building to

  1. Promote comprehensive awareness across all stakeholders of cyber-related threats and vulnerabilities and empower them with the knowledge, skills, and sense of shared responsibility to practice safe and informed behaviors in the use of ICTs, and to
  2. Involve all stakeholders to create a workforce with a set of cyber security skills and knowledge employers require.

GFCE Working Group D focusses on the following topics:

  • Cyber Security Awareness
  • Education and Training, with a focus on Cyber Security Workforce Development

More information on the work done by Working Group D can be found in the GFCE Working Groups Annual Report 2021.

Table of Contents

News and Updates

Every year the Working Group is updating its focus based on opportunities for collaboration on new projects within the GFCE Community. In 2019, the Working Group made a written submission providing views and recommendations in relation to the request for comments by NIST for the update to the NICE Cybersecurity Workforce Framework, NIST Special Publication 800-181. In 2020, the Working Groups also focused its work on the development of a GFCE WG D Cyber Security Awareness Campaigns Toolkit. In 2021, the Working Group hosted several virtual meetings during which participants had the opportunity to discuss the Working Group’s activities included in the Work Plan 2021, promote knowledge-sharing, exchange best practices and share updates on cyber capacity building topics.

Reports and Deliverables

Contributions to Cybil Knowledge Portal

Working Group D has identified 98 projects, 32 publications, and 17 tools relating to cyber security culture and skills. These can be accessed on the website of the Cybil Portal: 


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