Working Group C: Cybercrime

About Working Group C

Cybercrime is included in the Delhi Communiqué as one of the five prioritized themes in the Global Agenda for cyber capacity building.

Working Group C brings together governments, industry and experts focused on coordination of capacity building efforts relating to cybercrime. Through the Working Group, GFCE Members and Partners discuss issues related to capacity building in combatting cybercrime and work together towards coordination of capacity building efforts on development and implementation of legal frameworks, strengthening criminal justice and law enforcement responses to cybercrime, as well as the development of formal and informal frameworks for cooperation.

Working Group C is also a place for those involved in the prevention, response and assessment of cybercrime to engage with each other and share knowledge and expertise, leading to the development of capacity building projects and initiatives that help countries deal with the challenges presented by cybercrime, identification of best practices to amplify these on a global scale, and assessment of the impact cybercrime responses for more informed and inclusive capacity building activities.

More information on the work done by Working Group C can be found in the GFCE Working Groups Annual Report 2021.

Table of Contents

News and Updates

In 2021 the Working Group started a new initiative: the ‘Cyber Crime series‘, aimed at sharing knowledge and expertise on cybercrime topics with the community in a structured way. With the Working Group identifying the topics to be discussed, the Cybercrime Series is also considered a soft agenda-setting exercise within the group. 

The first session looked at cybercrime trends and developments, painting a picture of what cybercrime looks like from various perspectives, how it is evolving, and what the main challenges are for policymakers and other stakeholders. The second section looked at what needs to be done, with a strong focus on how capacity building can help address these issues. Speakers included UNODC, FireEye Mandiant, Europol, Global Cyber Alliance and INTERPOL. The Series will be continued into 2022, with one session planned per quarter

Reports and Deliverables

Contributions to Cybil Knowledge Portal

Working Group C members have submitted information on over 130 projects, 21 tools and 22 publications. These resources can be accessed here on the Cybil Portal, a knowledge-sharing platform for cyber capacity research. 


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