Closing Date: June 1 2024

GFCE Strategic Steering Committee – Open Position

The Global Forum on Cyber Expertise (GFCE) calls upon its Members and Partners to apply for membership of the GFCE Strategic Steering Committee. The deadline for application is 1 June 2024.

Background and Purpose

The GFCE was created and is intended to be a multistakeholder community driven platform. The significant growth of the GFCE community on a global scale, the maturing of the organization, and other contemplated changes to the existing governance structures, require a more formal and inclusive method of community input and involvement in setting the priorities and strategic direction of the GFCE. Accordingly, as we announced at our annual meeting, and following nearly a year of consultation with many members of the community, the GFCE Foundation, which is responsible for allocating available resources, proposes a community driven Strategic Steering Committee to guide the strategic direction of the GFCE.

The GFCE Strategic Steering Committee (SSC) will be created to:

  • Ensure a more formal and empowered method for all segments of the GFCE community to provide input and participate in setting the strategic direction and priorities of the GFCE;
  • Ensure greater transparency and engagement in strategic decision making;
  • Galvanize greater senior level GFCE participation in the strategic objectives and priorities of the GFCE; and
  • Maintain and strengthen the GFCE’s member led ethos and ensure long term growth and sustainability.


The SSC is representative of the GFCE community, and it guides the strategic direction of the GFCE Foundation. The role of the SSC would be to give the GFCE strategic guidance on the strategic objectives, priorities and growth of the GFCE. It is responsible for approving GFCE strategic documents and will present the former to the GFCE community. It will also serve as a formal conduit for the input of the greater GFCE Community and its members will act as “ambassadors” for the GFCE and its activities. The role of the SSC does not include management or financial responsibilities. The SSC will be supported by the GFCE Secretariat. SSC Members will convene twice a year, once during the GFCE Annual Meeting. The SSC Chair and Vice Chair will open the Annual Meeting and share updates on the strategic direction of the GFCE. To the extent possible, meetings of the SSC will be open to ensure maximum transparency. When needed, the Chair and Vice Chair will also meet more frequently with the GFCE Foundation. Throughout the year, SSC Members are expected to engage with the GFCE community and other stakeholder groups.

Composition and candidate profile

The contemplated composition of the SSC would include:

  • 10 Members – a number of members elected by GFCE members and partners, of which guaranteed 2 seats for civil society and 1 for the private sector. Candidacy for selection is member institutional, not person based.
  • 3 Donors – donors include countries but also the private sector and foundations. Participation is based on the donor’s contribution to the GFCE Foundation’s sustainability (vice one time or limited contributions).
  • 1 Chair of the Foundation Board (FB) – ex-officio membership to ensure a strong connection between the SSC and the Foundation Board.
  • Geographic Diversity – To ensure geographic diversity, including representation from the global south, and to reflect GFCE regional hubs, at least one position will be reserved for representatives from Africa, Latin America/ the Caribbean, ASEAN/ Southeast Asia, the
    Pacific Islands and Europe (Eastern Europe / Western Balkans). Representation of regional organizations and individual states within these regions is prioritized. Nothing shall preclude additional representatives from the global south serving on the SSC as general members as noted above.

View the GFCE Strategic Steering Committee Proposal.

Selection procedure

Applicants are invited to send a short biography, CV and cover letter to
before 1 June 2024.

The elected Members would serve for a period of two (2) years. One Chair and one Vice Chair of the SSC would be elected among their midst by all Members of the SSC, provided that the Chair and Vice Chair not both be from the same community.

Note: The application is only open to the members and partners of the GFCE community.

Please feel free to contact us at if you have any questions.