GFCE Global Partnership Manager

The Global Forum on Cyber Expertise (GFCE) is looking to appoint a GFCE Global Partnership Manager. The deadline for applications is 28 November 2021.


The GFCE aims to appoint an ambitious and driven individual, to lead GFCE’s Clearing House, building Global Partnerships between Countries, the Private Sector and International Organizations, to address cyber capacity gaps.


Established in 2015, the GFCE is a multi-stakeholder community of more than 120 members and partners consisting of governments, IGOs, companies, academia and project implementers from all regions of the world. Its mission is to strengthen cyber capacity and expertise globally by being a pragmatic, action-orientated and flexible platform for international collaboration. The GFCE delivers its mission through coordination to avoid duplication of efforts and blind spots; knowledge sharing to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of projects; being a Clearing House to connect requests for assistance with offers of support; and identifying and filling knowledge gaps with the development of a global Cyber Capacity Building (CCB) Research Agenda. For more information, see

Global Partnerships

A core Pillar of the GFCE’s work is helping Member Countries to address cyber capacity gaps through international partnerships with cyber donors and implementers.

These Partnerships are facilitated through the GFCE’s Clearing House function. The Clearing House function offers a match-making mechanism between GFCE Member Countries (‘beneficiaries’) who need cyber capacity building support and international ‘donors’ and ‘implementers’ (i.e other Countries, Private Sector Actors, IGOs and Charitable Foundations) who can offer cyber capacity building resources and expertise.

The GFCE’s Clearing House function has been operational since September 2018 supporting several Clearing House Partnerships. In practice, these Partnerships are Coalitions (“Friends of…) of the ‘beneficiary’ Country and capacity building ‘donors’ and ‘Implementers’. Since 2018 the GFCE’s Clearing House Partnerships have helped Tunisia and Sierra Leone with their National Cyber Security Strategies, Senegal with organizing a national and regional CIIP workshop and The Gambia with refreshing their cybercrime legislation.


This new role will manage the GFCE’s Global Partnerships through the Clearing House function. The role will oversee all GFCE Clearing House requests, building relationships and partnerships between Countries and Coalitions of international cyber capacity building ‘donors’ and ‘implementers’. Be responsible for promoting the success and ‘offer’ of the GFCE Clearing House internationally, while providing strategic advice to the GFCE Community on the future growth, sustainability and operation of the Clearing House function.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Lead, refine and build an effective GFCE Clearing House function, which drives delivery of new international cyber capacity building partnerships.
  • Partner with the GFCE Secretariat’s Working Group Coordinator to gain insight into the needs, potential partners, existing knowledge and expertise of the GFCE community.
  • Partner with the GFCE Secretariat’s Communications Lead and Global Outreach Manager, to generate marketing material and promote the unique international offer and role of the GFCE’s Clearing House function.
  • Research and capture GFCE Member Countries cyber capacity building needs, alongside mapping international cyber ‘donor’ resources and ‘implementer’ expertise and experience.
  • Cultivate new partnership opportunities with GFCE Member Countries, following up on inbound leads and outbound calls, emails and in-person visits.
  • Manage all logistical requirements, with support from the GFCE Secretariat, associated with every aspect of a GFCE Clearing House case.
  • Set SMART objectives and outcomes to measure the success of the GFCE’s Clearing House function, reporting quarterly performance to the GFCE Secretariat Directors.
  • Offer support to GFCE Member Countries in defining their cyber capacity building needs.
  • Maintain positive and sustained relationships with all ‘beneficiary’ Countries, ‘donors’ and ‘implementers’, whom the GFCE has supported in building cyber capacity partnerships, through the GFCE Clearing House.
  • Research and secure multi-year funding from international donors to sustain and develop the GFCE’s Clearing House function and partnership offering.

No immediate line management duties are required. The growth and success of the GFCE’s Clearing House Function, however, may require the recruitment and management of a future Partnership Team.

The Global Partnership Manager will report directly to a GFCE Secretariat Director.

Candidate profile: requirements, qualifications and skills

The successful candidate will have:

  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills in English
  • Graduate or master’s degree in (cyber) security studies, technology, business administration, marketing and or communication.
  • A minimum of 5 years’ experience in the field of cyber and/or digital capacity building, either at national or international level.
  • A proven track record of building and maintaining the confidence of senior international relationships across government, industry and international organizations.
  • Outstanding communication, presentation and interpersonal skills, utilizing differing media channels and communication mediums to convey results, opportunities and impact to diverse audiences.
  • The ability to think strategically and innovatively, leading the international growth and recognition of the GFCE’s Clearing House function.
  • A self-starter, resilient attitude; being willing to deal with logistical and operational details (i.e. administration), while being proactive in seizing international opportunities to promote the role and offer of the GFCE Clearing House.
  • Experience of working with international donors across industry, government and the wider international sector.
  • Professional, confident, self-motivated, punctual, flexible, proactive and able to work both independently and as part of a multi-national team.


  • Verbal and Written communication skills in French and Spanish.
  • Direct experience of Outreach and Partnership management for an International Organization.
  • Experience of building and refining a cyber capacity building business operation or function internationally.

Place of employment

The Hague, however with a flexible remote working policy.

How to apply

Please send a covering letter outlining your motivation in applying for the role, addressed to Ms. Marjo Baayen, GFCE Secretariat Director, plus your CV by 28 November 2021 to Interviews will be held starting from 6 December. Please ensure references are included on your CV as a reference check could be part of the selection procedure. Please note that relocation assistance will not be provided.

For more information on this job opportunity, please contact Ms. Marjo Baayen via

*The GFCE is an equal opportunities employer and accepts applications without distinction on the grounds of age, race, political, philosophical or religious conviction, sex or sexual orientation and regardless of disabilities, marital status or family situation