Research Committee

Lia Patricia Hernández Pérez

GFCE Title: GFCE Research Committee Member
Job Title: Executive Directress, IPANDETEC.
Description: Lia obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Law and Political Science from the University of Panama in 2006 and after practicing law in Panama, lived 8 years between Italy and Spain, where she studied Master’s in Law of New Technologies and Legal Informatics at the University of Bologna, Italy. In 2008 she obtained a scholarship from the Spanish Agency for International Cooperation and Development (AECID), to study a Master’s Degree in Telecommunications and Information and Communication Technologies Law at the Carlos III University of Madrid, Spain, where she was Professor of Law of the New Technologies of the Master in Management and Knowledge Technology with the University of Panama. Since 2012, she founded with a group of colleagues the Panamanian Institute of Law and New Technologies (IPANDETEC), a non-profit organization that promotes the use and regulation of ICTs and the protection of human rights in the digital environment. After several years of activism, the organization spread operations to the entire Central American region