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GFCE Member since: 16-4-2015
Participates in the following GFCE groups & initiatives: Working Group A; Working Group C; Working Group D
Focus on specific topics:

Keywords: Cyber security; cyber safe awareness; CSIRT (Canadian Cyber Incident Response Centre); critical infrastructure protection.Canada’s national Get Cyber Safe Awareness Campaign educates Canadians about Internet security and the simple steps they can take to protect themselves online. Topics include: cyber security risks; how to protect yourself online (your identity, your family, your money, your devices); how to protect your business online; cyberbullying; and Cyber Security Awareness Month.Canada’s Cyber Security Strategy outlines how the Government of Canada is working with all levels of government, private sector organizations and international partners to strengthen cyber security in Canada.The Canadian Cyber Incident Response Centre (Canada’s Computer Security Incident Response Team) works with partners, both inside and outside Canada, to take action on cyber threats and to protect the important systems Canadians rely on, such as banks and telecommunications service providers. CCIRC works closely with its international counterparts to help mitigate cyber threats and to share information on best practices for protecting critical infrastructure.