Internet Infrastructure Initiative

The aim of this initiative is to help build a robust, transparent and resilient internet infrastructure. Following the experience in the Netherlands in testing and monitoring compliance with international internet standards, this Initiative seeks to broaden this know-how. Key elements include building on state-of-the-art Open Internet Standards and good practices in improving the reliability of the Internet.

Building a robust, open and resilient Internet Infrastructure

A robust, open and resilient internet infrastructure is key to counter infringements and threats to the cyber domain. An up-to-date internet infrastructure diminishes the chances and impact of cyber attacks (like DDoS) and  cybercrime (hacking malware, phishing, botnets) and SPAM. Moreover a robust internet leads to more confidence and trust; increases the use of the internet and by consequence boosts innovative and economic activities. Hence, a proper internet infrastructure is a pre-requisite for sustainable economic growth and reaping social benefits of the internet. The initiators believe that an open, safe and stable internet requires continuous investment in the development of its infrastructure by public and private stakeholders.

The initiators aim to provide a platform for the sharing of technological solutions, best practices and expertise.

Proper use of the latest versions of (mainly IETF) internet standards is a crucial element for a robust internet infrastructure. Since, there is generally no lack of standards, the initiators want to stimulate, encourage and ensure stronger implementation by reaching out with the existing portal and test tool www.inte This portal tests whether your internet connection, website and e-mail uses the most up-to-date and recognised internet standards.

These latest standards – developed by the internet community – include:

  • IPv6: an extended, modern range of internet addresses
  • DNSSEC: security extensions for domain names
  • TLS: secured connections
  • DKIM, SPF and DMARC: anti-phishing and anti-spoofing

Way forward

In the next phase the initiative will develop a number of regional Capacity Development workshops aiming at building or improving the key elements that enable a properly functioning internet, globally, nationally and regionally, such as the adoption of a number of Open Internet Standards and good practices that have already proved their impact elsewhere. Aim is to get local practices up from current practice to state-of-the-art practice through multistakeholder collaboration.


Expected outcomes

  • Internet standards test tool available in different language versions
  • Capacity building program targeting at implementing the latest versions of internet standards, supported by tutorials, webinars, workshops, tailor-made documentation and knowledge modules

Participating Members & Partners

Participation in this initiative is open to all relevant stakeholders