GFCE workshops: Getting ready for the GCCS2017

News item | 27-09-2017

In the built up towards the Global Conference on CyberSpace in India (GCCS2017) the GFCE Secretariat organized two workshops in The Hague on September 25th-26th. Representatives of the GFCE community came together to discuss the first drafts of the GFCE Global Good Practices (GGP) and the Global Agenda on Cyber Capacity Building (GACCB).

Global representation

Being a bottom-up platform, both products are developed through constant consultation with the GFCE community. The workshop presented a unique opportunity for the GFCE community to jointly reflect on the products thus far. Representatives from the United States, United Kingdom, European Union, Microsoft, Global Cyber Security Capacity Centre (GCSCC), the Netherlands, France, Israel, Hungary, Romania, Council of Europe, FIRST, the Meridian, and IAP attended the workshop in person. In addition, multiple GFCE members remotely participated during the workshop on GACCB. Both workshops were productive, all participants are applauded for their active contribution in refining the GGP and GACCB. Please find the detailed report on both workshops here. 

Communicating Global Good Practices

The workshop on the 25th of September focused on the Global Good Practices (GGP) – referring to a broad range of particular good ways to do a practice in cyber capacity building. All GGPs identified by the GFCE community are bundled in one document and will become available for all stakeholders in cyber capacity building. During the workshop participants discussed how to best communicate the GGP beyond the GFCE community, different target groups were considered. It is agreed the GGP’s illustrate the actionable approach of the GFCE and should most definitely be included to the Global Agenda on Cyber Capacity Building. This insight led to the GFCE Secretariat to add an annex on the GGP’s to the Global Agenda on Cyber Capacity Building.

Panel discussion during the workshop on Global Agenda on Cyber Capacity Building

Balancing between action-oriented and policy

After a fruitful first workshop, participants gathered again on the 26th of September to share ideas on the first draft of the Global Agenda on Cyber Capacity Building (GACCB). The GFCE Secretariat invited all GFCE members to the pre-GCCS meeting in India on the 21st of November, here the GACCB will officially be presented for the first time. During the workshop participants deliberated on how to establish a GACCB that is both practical and strategic. For one, strengthening the link between the GGP’s and the GACCB is very important. Further, it is decided to draw up a communique to formally communicate the GACCB during the GCCS2017. Last, valuable feedback was delivered on the content of the GACCB. The principles, topics and ambitions will be further reviewed as a result of a worthwhile brainstorm.