GFCE Southeast Asia Hub

About the Hub

The GFCE Southeast Asia Hub office is based in Singapore, at the ASEAN-Singapore Cybersecurity Center of Excellence (ASCCE). Situated strategically in Southeast Asia, the office serves as a central hub for coordinating regional activities and engaging with stakeholders from governments, academia, industry, and civil society organizations.

The GFCE Southeast Asia Hub plays a vital role in advancing cybersecurity capacity building efforts in the region. Its key activities include:

  1. Facilitating Collaboration: The hub brings together governments, organizations, and experts from Southeast Asia to foster collaboration and facilitate the sharing of best practices, knowledge, and experiences. It organizes workshops, conferences, and training programs to promote dialogue and cooperation among stakeholders.
  2. Capacity Building Initiatives: The hub develops and implements capacity building initiatives tailored to the specific needs of Southeast Asian countries. These initiatives focus on enhancing technical skills, policy development, incident response, awareness raising, and other areas relevant to cybersecurity capacity building.
  3. Policy Support: The hub provides policy support to governments in Southeast Asia by conducting research, analysis, and assessments on cybersecurity-related topics. It assists in the formulation of effective policies, strategies, and frameworks to address cyber threats and challenges in the region.
  4. Knowledge Sharing: The hub serves as a knowledge hub, collecting and disseminating information on cybersecurity best practices, case studies, and lessons learned. It promotes the sharing of knowledge and expertise among stakeholders to foster innovation and improve cybersecurity capabilities in Southeast Asia.
  5. Partnerships and Networking: The hub actively engages with regional and international partners, including other GFCE members, to establish collaborative networks. These partnerships enable the hub to leverage expertise, resources, and initiatives from various stakeholders, creating synergies and maximizing the impact of cybersecurity capacity building efforts in Southeast Asia.

Contact the Southeast Asia Hub Team

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