GFCE side event at WSIS

News item | 04-01-2016

As part of the WSIS+10 Review Process High Level Meeting in December 2015 the Netherlands, Senegal, Symantec and the ITU organized a side event about their GFCE membership.

The session was aimed at creating more awareness about the existence of the GFCE and to highlight the role the GFCE aims to take in enhancing cyber capacity, accessibility, security and reliability of cyberspace. This is clearly linked to the WSIS Goal of building a people-centred inclusive information society where all can all take advantage of the benefits ICTs offer. The WSIS outcome document also continuously highlights the need for strong cyber capacities to address the challenges we face and to bridge the existing digital divides. To build these capacities greater collaboration in the area of capacity building is essential. Participants in the side event agreed on the potential the GFCE offers in this area, especially by convening different stakeholder groups from different parts of the world.

GFCE side event at WSIS in New York