GFCE pre-GCCS meeting: Putting Principles into Practice

News item | 22-11-2017

On Tuesday 21 November 2017, the GFCE community has invited a broad range of stakeholders in cyber capacity building to the presentation of the GFCE Global Agenda for Cyber Capacity Building (GACCB) and the GFCE Global Good Practices in New Delhi, India. The event has provided an excellent momentum to exchange ideas on cyber capacity building and how to further its implementation.

Presenting the GFCE deliverables

Over the past nine months, the GFCE community has worked hard to develop two deliverables which could form the basis for a coordinated response to cyber challenges. These efforts accumulated into the Global Agenda on Cyber Capacity Building and the GFCE Global Good Practices (GFCE wide agreed-upon and voluntary recommended good practices on cyber capacities). During the GFCE pre-GCCS meeting both the GFCE Global Agenda for Cyber Capacity Building and the GFCE Global Good Practices were presented.

Panel discussion: Kerry-Ann Barrett (OAS), William Saito (Japan), Kaja Ciglic (Microsoft), Tobias Feakin (Australia), Silvino Schlickmann Jr (INTERPOL), Patryk Pawlak (GFCE Advisory Board/EU ISS) and Kate Getao (Kenya).

International cooperation on cyber capacity building

A panel of representatives from governments, international organizations, private companies, academic institutions, law enforcement and civil society shared their view on cyber capacity building. Topics of discussion were the importance of cyber capacity building, lessons learned from cyber capacity building and how to move forward on a global level. Further, the role of the GFCE and the implementation of the GACCB was highlighted. The fourth edition of the Global Cyber Expertise Magazine was launched and presented to the panel.