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Background information

The GFCE Regional Hub for the Americas and the Caribbean region was established in 2018 and had its first regional meeting in March 2021.

The GFCE Regional Hub for the Americas and the Caribbean is dedicated to offering practical guidance, expertise, and support to various cyber communities, including regional organizations, private sector entities, institutions, and governmental bodies. As such, the Hub aims to facilitate, to countries seeking support, access to the GFCE’s global network of members and partners, with the intention of supporting coordination of cybersecurity capacity building efforts within the region. 

One of the key objectives of the Hub is to foster knowledge in cyber capacity building, by sharing information, tools, and advancements and serving as the primary point of contact for regional expertise. Additionally, the Hub is well-placed to provide assistance and support to affected countries dealing with diverse cybersecurity challenges, by identifying and mobilizing resources such as knowledge, funds, products, expertise, and cooperation among various GFCE members. The Hub’s most significant contribution to the Americas and Caribbean cyber community is the promotion of cooperation and trust, both within countries and across the region, in the cyberspace.

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Cyber Capacity Building needs of the region

What are the unique characteristics of the CCB landscape in the region?


ITU America Region Cyberdrill

The ITU Regional Cyberdrill are annual events whose purpose is:

  • Enhancing cybersecurity capacity and capabilities through regional collaborations and cooperation.
  • Enhancing the awareness and the capability of countries to participate and to contribute to the development and deployment of a strategy for defeating a cyber threat; and
  • Strengthening international cooperation between Member States to ensure continued collective efforts against cyber threats.


Caribbean Electronic Evidence Training and Embedding

  • This five-year project aims to support the strengthening of Commonwealth Caribbean countries justice systems and their capacity to effectively prevent, investigate, prosecute, and adjudicate cybercrime cases.


EU CyberNet LAC4 – Latin America and Caribbean Cyber Competence Centre

  • This center serves as a focal point for sharing EU’s collective expertise, building up local capacity, facilitating collaboration on joint projects and actions, and promoting the benefits of an open, free, and inclusive cyberspace in Latin America and the Caribbean.


CIRT Readiness Assessment Guyana

  • The objective of this project is to support the development of a Guyana CIRT through a skill assessment and follow-on capacity building assistance.


Creating a career Path in Cybersecurity

  • This project seeks to provide training in cybersecurity and professional development to youth from low-income communities, for them to have better opportunities to enter the cybersecurity workforce future. This project is being implemented by the OAS-CICTE cybersecurity Program with the support of Citi foundation.


Addressing the Gender Gap in the Cybersecurity Agenda in the Americas and the Caribbean Region

  • This project focuses on the following three pillars:
    • Enhancing gender-sensitive and gender-responsive in cybersecurity practices by public and private sector stakeholders for a safer and more inclusive inline environment
    • Increasing women’s leadership and participation in the cyber workforce, and
    • Increasing awareness of internet users – particularly women and girls – In the Americas and the Caribbean


CSIRT network of OAS Member State governments

  • The CSIRTAmericas Network is the community of government Computer Security Incident Response Teams (CSIRTs) from OAS Member States and supports its members by:
  • Promoting information exchange among CSIRTs in the region
  • Distributing information on cybersecurity threats 24/7
  • Offering training to cybersecurity specialists
  • Providing technical assistance to support the services of our member teams in the region.


National Cybersecurity Strategies

  • Assist the OAS Member States in developing, updating, and implementing national cybersecurity strategies. These are structured frameworks for a coordinated response to cyber threats. 




The Americas & the Caribbean Regional Hub Team

Kerry-Ann Barrett – GFCE Regional hub for the Americas and the Caribbean Region, OAS/CICTE Cybersecurity Program Manager.

Valentina Namé – GFCE Regional hub for the Americas and the Caribbean Region, OAS/CICTE Cybersecurity Program Officer.

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