Report on the “Cyber Capacity Assessments” Session

Report | GFCE V-Meeting “Cyber Capacity Assessments” | 28 April 2020

This open GFCE V-Meeting session was organized in collaboration with Oxford’s Global Cyber Security Capacity Centre (GCSCC) and is related to the work of the Strategy and Assessments Task

GFCE Consultation Session: GFCE Big Questions

GFCE V-Meeting “GFCE Consultation Session: GFCE Big Questions” | 23 April 2020

During the interactive session “GFCE Big Questions”, the GFCE Community was given the opportunity to discuss and provide feedback on the GFCE internal structures and processes. The …

Report on the “Emerging Technologies” Session

Report | GFCE V-Meeting “Emerging Technologies” | 21 April 2020

This open session featured expert presentations from private sector stakeholders on emerging technologies. The presentations provided insights on different types of emerging technologies and use cases in the field of

Report on the “Impact of Covid-19 on Cybersecurity” Session

Report | GFCE V-Meeting “Impact of Covid-19 on Cybersecurity” | 16 April 2020

The aim of this GFCE V-Meeting session was to present the impact of Covid-19 on countries and organizations by highlighting existing cybersecurity vulnerabilities and discuss the steps …

Advisory Board 2020-2022 Call for applications is now closed

The Global Forum on Cyber Expertise (GFCE) called upon civil society (NGO’s, academia and the technical community) to apply for membership of the GFCE Advisory Board 2020-2022. The application deadline of 1 March 2020 has now passed. The new GFCE …

Introducing Cybil, the CCB Knowledge Portal

Introducing Cybil, the CCB Knowledge Portal

News item | 09-10-2019 | 12:50

Announcement: GFCE Knowledge Partners and GFCE Secretariat launch a new cyber capacity knowledge portal at GFCE Annual Meeting 2019 in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia 9 October 2019.

Cybil is