Report on the “Friends of The Gambia” Session

Report | GFCE V-Meeting “Friends of The Gambia | 19 May 2020

This was a closed session for GFCE members and partners involved in the Clearing House Request of The Gambia to assess the current status of the Request and

Report on the “COVID-19 Tracking Technology” Session

Report | GFCE V-Meeting “COVID-19 Tracking Technology” | 15 May 2020

The world has changed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The use of technology is playing an important role in our response. Several countries are exploring the possibilities of the

Report on the “CCB Efforts on Cybercrime” Session

Report | GFCE V-Meeting “CCB Efforts on Cybercrime” | 12 May 2020

The CCB Efforts on Cybercrime meeting was an open session in the GFCE V-meeting program, with the intention that GFCE members and partners not well acquainted with the

Report on the “GFCE Regional Consultation Session Americas”

Report | GFCE V-Meeting “Regional Consultation Session Americas” | 13 May 2020

On Wednesday, May 13th, the GFCE held its first Regional Consultation session regarding the Americas, as part of the V-Meetings. Representatives of GFCE members and partners …

Report on the “Women in Cyber Capacity Building” Session

Report | GFCE V-Meeting “Women in Cyber Capacity Building” | 7 May 2020

The aim of this GFCE V-Meeting session was dedicated to celebrating women in the Cyber Capacity Building community, by sharing their achievements and experiences as well as …

Report on the “Capacity Building and UN Processes” Session

Report | GFCE V-Meeting “Capacity Building and UN Processes” | 5 May 2020

The GFCE V-Meeting session on Capacity Building and UN Processes was organized under the GFCE Task Force on CBMs, Norms Implementation and Cyber Diplomacy (part of Working …

Report on the “Cyber Capacity Assessments” Session

Report | GFCE V-Meeting “Cyber Capacity Assessments” | 28 April 2020

This open GFCE V-Meeting session was organized in collaboration with Oxford’s Global Cyber Security Capacity Centre (GCSCC) and is related to the work of the Strategy and Assessments Task