The Global Cyber Capacity Building Research Agenda 2021 is Now Online!

News Article | 25 November 2020  We are proud to announce that the Global Cyber Capacity Building Research Agenda 2021 is now available online! You can download it here. The Research Agenda is a new tool developed for and by the GFCE Community. The overarching aim of the Research Agenda is to help the capacity […]

Report on the “Way Forward GFCE Working Groups” Session

Report | “Way Forward GFCE Working Groups” online session | 20 July 2020 The GFCE Working Groups kicked off in the spring of 2018. Almost 85% of the community is involved in the Working Groups in some way. In 2018, the GFCE Secretariat developed a Mandate and Responsibilities document to guide the Working Groups process. […]

Report on the “Risk Management Approaches and Practices” Session

Report | GFCE V-Meeting “Risk Management Approaches and Practices” | 29 May 2020 Organized by two company driven platforms working together to increase cybersecurity: the Charter of Trust & Cybersecurity Tech Accord, this session focused on explaining the current cybersecurity threat landscape, and discussing the adoption and implementation of risk management approaches and practices. The […]

Report on the “Cyber Security Awareness Campaigns” Session

Report | GFCE V-Meeting “Cyber Security Awareness Campaigns” | 26 May 2020 This session aimed to exchange experiences and expertise on cyber security awareness by having GFCE Members and Partners showcase and discuss different awareness campaign projects, materials and toolkits. The speaker representatives from APWG, OAS, Microsoft (Cybersecurity Tech Accord), APNIC, Get Safe Online and […]

Report on the GFCE Regional Consultation Session Europe & Africa

Report | GFCE V-Meeting “Regional Consultation Session Europe & Africa” | 27 May 2020 The GFCE organised its third regional consultation session for the Europe & Africa region, as part of the V-Meeting, following the regional consultation sessions for the Americas and for Asia & Pacific. Regional stakeholders had the opportunity to get together and […]

Report on the “CCB Clearing House Mechanism and Lessons Learnt” Session

Report | GFCE V-Meeting “CCB Clearing House Mechanism and Lessons Learnt” | 28 May 2020 The GFCE Clearing House aims to facilitate matchmaking between GFCE Members and Partners who have cyber capacity needs with those that can offer cyber capacity support. The aim of the session was to refine the draft clearing house mechanism so […]

Report on the “GFCE Regional Consultation Session Asia & Pacific”

Report | GFCE V-Meeting “Regional Consultation Session Asia & Pacific” | 20 May 2020 After the Americas Regional consultation session, the GFCE held the second consultation session, as part of the ongoing V-Meeting, regarding the Asia & Pacific region. Members and partners from the Asia & Pacific region were given the chance to discuss how […]

Report on the “CSIRT Maturity” Open Webinar Session

Report | GFCE V-Meeting “CSIRT Maturity | 20 May 2020 During this open webinar session, The Netherlands/TNO spoke about the CSIRT Maturity Initiative that is part of GFCE Working Group B – Task Force CIM. The focus of the session was on measuring and enhancing maturity as essential aspect of national CSIRT capacity building. The […]

Report on the “Lessons learnt on CCB Implementation” Session

Report | GFCE V-Meeting “Lessons learnt on CCB Implemetation” | 22 May 2020 This session brought together implementers and beneficiary countries from different regions to share and discuss their experiences and lessons learned from the implementation of their Cyber Capacity Building projects. The session was moderated by Mr. Bertram Boie, Senior Economist at the Digital […]

Report on the “Friends of The Gambia” Session

Report | GFCE V-Meeting “Friends of The Gambia | 19 May 2020 This was a closed session for GFCE members and partners involved in the Clearing House Request of The Gambia to assess the current status of the Request and look at next steps for moving forward. As moderator, Mr. Kamal Toure, Program Officer at […]