GFCE Cybercrime Series

Lately, organizations and individuals around the globe are forced to devote more of their time and resources to combatting issues related to cybercrime. Cybercrime affects the security and rights of individuals, strengthens transnational criminal organizations, puts at risk the critical infrastructure on which societies depend and, ultimately, it undermines essential the values of security, trust […]

Behind the Scenes: Consultation Meeting 2021 Planning

The GFCE Secretariat is hard at work organising the GFCE Consultation Meeting 2021. From the program to the logistics and communications, the team is committed to making the event a success. The Consultation Meeting is particularly important to the GFCE as consultations with the community lay at the heart of the GFCE’s mission to strengthen cyber capacity building through facilitation and coordination. Thus, we are excited […]

Reflecting on GFCE Events in 2020 and Looking Forward to the GFCE Consultation Meeting 2021

The GFCE hosts regular events to facilitate the strengthening of cyber capacity building (CCB) through connecting needs, resources and expertise, and making practical knowledge available to the global community. Global meetings enable the community to come together to discuss the current developments in CCB, receive updates on GFCE developments and be consulted on the GFCE way forward. The GFCE Secretariat hosts two global events annually, organizes regular regional meetings and […]

The new Cybil Steering Committee 2021-2023

News Article |  24 March 2021 The Cybil Steering Committee 2021 – 2023 held their first meeting virtually yesterday. The Cybil Steering Committee members include: Stephanie Borg Psaila (Chair), Carolin Weisser Harris, Bart Hogeveen, Johann Ole Willers, Damir “Gaus” Rajnovic, Nthabiseng Pule, Gabriela Montes de Oca, Jenny Thornton, Neil Robinson and Roeland van Zeijst. Cybil […]

Cybil Steering Committee: Open Call for Expressions of Interest

News Article | 9 December 2020   On behalf of the Cybil Knowledge Portal, the Global Forum on Cyber Expertise (GFCE) is calling for expressions of interest to the new Cybil Steering Committee! The deadline for applications is Sunday, 17 January 2021. Background Cybil is a unique, globally-owned one stop portal that brings together knowledge […]

The Global Cyber Capacity Building Research Agenda 2021 is Now Online!

News Article | 25 November 2020  We are proud to announce that the Global Cyber Capacity Building Research Agenda 2021 is now available online! You can download it here. The Research Agenda is a new tool developed for and by the GFCE Community. The overarching aim of the Research Agenda is to help the capacity […]

The Global Cyber Expertise Magazine Issue 8 is now online!

News Article | 24 November 2020  On behalf of the editorial board and the contributors from the GFCE community, we proudly present the Global Cyber Expertise Magazine Issue 8! It is available for download here. The Global Magazine is a joint initiative by the African Union, the European Union, the Organization of American States (OAS) […]