Advisory Board Profile Page

Damir “Gaus” Rajnovic

GFCE Title: GFCE Advisory Board member
Job Title: Chief Financial Officer (CFO), FIRST
Description: Damir “Gaus” Rajnovic is actively involved in computer security arena since 1993 both on incident response and coordination side,and in product security. He currently work for Panasonic and is Board Director and CFO of Forum of Incident and Security Teams (FIRST). Damir was invited lecturer for MSc in Information Technology Security course at Westminster University.He is working, as an editor or a subject matter expert, on several international standards within ISO and ITU. In particular standards on computer security incident response and productsecurity vulnerability handling. He is also subject matter expert with British Standards Institution (BSI).Damir is passionate about learning. He initiated training effort at FIRST with a goal of providing high quality training for computer security incident response teams.